Schnaps and Kaj

Hi, I’m Schnaps.

Specialist canine consultant at Petucci

Greek by birth, I grew up in Amsterdam and finally landed in the beautiful lake region, the Salzkammergut. I’m always present during the outdoor activities of my humans’. You could almost say I’m a pro at kitesurfing, stand up paddling, skiing, snowboarding, ski touring, skateboarding, mountaineering and climbing.

My Kaj is pretty creative and has fancy tastes. You can not only see that in the great pet furniture he produces, but also in my name. No wonder people sometimes look funny when he calls out for me.

During my ten years of life I have already experienced a lot and therefore I know exactly how to enjoy life to the fullest. So who better to test the new Petucci products with love and care than me.

Hi, I’m Kaj Hensen.

Brain and hand behind Tulpe and Petucci

It’s nice to meet you. As a native of the Netherlands, my love of nature and mountains led me to the beautiful Salzkammergut a few years ago. Since then I have lived in Bad Ischl, where I discovered my love of nature. This love is now not only reflected in my outdoor sporting activities, but also in my great passion for working with wood.

With a focus on personalized design and a user’s eye for detail, we realize your individual wishes. The most important thing in my work is to ensure your satisfaction.

Curious now?

Do you have any questions, suggestions or requests? Or would you just like to get to know Tulpe, Petucci and us?

Feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to seeing you.